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Angel Gulf Jobs | Construction Jobs In Gulf, Civil Jobs In Gulf
Industries We Service

Industries We Serve

Angel Gulf Jobs is a full-service overseas manpower agency promoted by highly experienced professionals having worked across different sectors in the Gulf region. The exposure derived by promoters in their work life across different sectors has helped them to provide services across a wide range of industries. As far as Gulf region is concerned, Angel Gulf Jobs serves all the top sectors including construction, oil & gas, hospitality, banking, shipping and more. Above all, the biggest strength of Angel Gulf Jobs lies in its database of candidates which is spread across different work categories making it possible to serve almost all the important industries across entire Gulf & other regions.

Construction Industry

Construction Jobs In Gulf

Here is a listing of the job functions in the construction industry we source candidate for:

  • Mason (Plaster & Bricks)

    Mason (Plaster & Bricks) Jobs In Gulf
  • Tiles Mason (Wall & Floor)

    Tiles Mason (Wall & Floor) Jobs In Gulf
  • Mason (All Rounder)

    Mason (All Rounder) Jobs In Gulf
  • Tiles & Marble Mason

    Tiles & Marble Mason Jobs In Gulf
  • Plumber

    Plumber Jobs In Gulf
  • Shuttering Carpenter

    Shuttering Carpenter Jobs In Gulf
  • R.C.C.Fitter

    R.C.C.Fitter Jobs In Gulf
  • Wall Painter

    Wall Painter Jobs In Gulf
  • Wall Spray Painter

    Wall Spray Painter Jobs In Gulf
  • Plaster Of Paris

    Plaster Of Paris (P.O.P) Jobs In Gulf
  • Gypsum Board Fixure

    P.O.P Gypsum Board Fixure Jobs In Gulf
  • Marble Fixutre

    Marble Fixutre Jobs In Gulf
  • Marble Cutter & Grinder

    Marble Cutter & Grinder Jobs In Gulf
  • Wall Painter Designer

    Wall Painter Designer Jobs In Gulf
  • Painter Designer (Texture)

    WallPainterDesigner(Texture) Jobs In Gulf
  • Marble Cutter

    Marble Cutter Jobs In Gulf
  • Scaffolder

    Scaffolder Jobs In Gulf
  • Steel Fixers

    Steel Fixers Jobs In Gulf
  • Construction Supervisors

    Construction Supervisors Jobs In Gulf
  • Construction Managers

    Construction Managers Jobs In Gulf

Construction industry is a very huge industry throughout the Gulf region. There is tremendous demand from industrial, commercial and the residential sector. Oil & gas, power plants, heavy engineering, automotive, hospitality industry & so on are being setup throughout the Gulf. Already established industries are expanding and modernizing them creating huge job opportunities in construction & civil. Due to large scale industrialization huge demand is also coming up from commercial & residential sectors. A number of real estate companies have come up creating widespread residential complexes, malls, hotels, medical facilities and more. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) construction market will hit a record of USD 144 billion in 2016, driven by mega-projects like World Expo 2020 in Dubai and FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar (Source Press Trust of India | Dubai April 8, 2015) generating huge number of construction jobs, civil jobs in the Gulf region.

There is huge demand for talented construction workforce across all job functions including general construction, supervisors, civil engineers, construction manager, scaffolders, construction electricians and more. At certain construction jobs, civil jobs experienced workforce is required and at certain levels fresh candidates can be placed. We at Angel Gulf Jobs are fully equipped to provide the best of talented construction work force to the clients even at shorter notice. We primarily source candidates through our own comprehensive job portal equipped with a large size updated database of candidates. We also make the best use of our external contacts to source the required candidates. In short, we, at Angel Gulf Jobs act as trustworthy referral agent and enable the clients throughout the Gulf region to have an access to the best talented construction work force.

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